• Smart Asset Management

    A fully-hosted solution in Asset Identification, Life Cycle and Capital Expenditure planning

An Enterprise Solution in Capital Asset Management

eValuate is an Enterprise solution in Capital Asset Management that strategically manages the identification, lifecycle and capital expenditure planning of building assets using benchmarked processes and industry-leading practices

Capital Expenditure Planning

eValuate’s comprehensive replacement cost engine allows budget forecasting for up to 10 years

Asset Identification

eValuate provides a panoramic view of the entire asset portfolio across a building or site.

Lifecycle Analysis

A full lifecycle analysis of each asset allows for smart, strategic decisions regarding service, maintenance and replacement to be easily made

ISO Certified

eValuate meets the requirements of ISO 55001 for Asset Management and is in line with AIRAH Asset Management guidelines

Powerful Features and Benefits

Providing a panoramic view of the entire asset portfolio across an organisation, eValuate provides intricate details about each individual asset in order for the owner to make strategic, cost savings decisions regarding service, maintenance and replacement

Fully Automated

An easy to use automated program results in a comprehensive OH&S audit, register and cost replacement pricing

Budget Forecasting and Analysis

Capital Expenditure budget forecasting for 10 years and beyond with detailed analysis and reports of assets through BI Dashboards

Lifecycle Predictions

Individual asset lifecycle predictions for up to 40 years, driven by a context sensitive audit platform covering 120 data points


eValuate can be deployed across a vast array of asset classes, from mechanical services through to vertical transportation and security

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