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By providing and assessing a detailed analysis of building assets, eValuate develops a thorough service, maintenance and capital replacement plan

What is eValuate?


eValuate is an enterprise solution in Capital Asset Management that strategically manages theidentification, lifecycle and capital expenditure planning of building assets using benchmarked processes and industry-leading practices.

Designed and developed by Airmaster, eValuate improves life expectancy of assets by providing a detailed analysis of building assets in order to develop a detailed service, maintenance and capital replacement plan.

In line with AIRAH guidelines as well as ISO 55001 standards for Asset Management, eValuate provides a detailed panoramic view of the entire asset portfolio of a single building, site or portfolio of buildings.

Who can use eValuate?

eValuate is utilised across various industries from major commercial education, retail and government buildings through to hospitality, transport and aviation. Major clients include educational facilities RMIT and the University of Tasmania as well as major shopping centres managed by Vicinity, and Scentre Group (Westfield).

To date, eValuate has been deployed across 5000+ sites, with over 500 asset types and covering 230,000+ assets. Clients are enjoying the features and benefits of eValuate across four countries, all of whom access eValuate through the online portal and mobile app.

Who uses eValuate?

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